Can not deselect an object same problem I posted a day ago (Demo included)

Hi all,
What is the cause of this? Pascal, as you mentioned is this Z coordinates problem?

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t notice I turned music on, please turn off your speaker…


Hi Kev,

Nice song, I started groovin’ and forgot what your issue was!

Did you try ESC or clicking in an empty spot to deselect the 700+ crvs… you probably did of course but I had to ask. Also, if you did try that, is the layer color that the crvs are on maybe the same yellow color as a selection would be?

If you can send the model into I can take a look as well which would be fastest.

Hi Brian,
It was not on Yellow layer. It worked fine after reopening the file. Not a big deal but sometimes you know…


Strange… thanks for letting me know. If you spot a reproducible series of steps please give a shout.