Can Network Srf produce a perfect one-directional surface?

Still a bit inexperienced with surface modeling. I am working doing 3d/cad work for a furniture designer. We primarily use flat sheets of aluminum that then get rolled in one direction to make our pieces. I have found the network surface command to be helpful when modeling complex surfaces, however, I have an issue where the result surface is not perfectly straight vertically. The input curves and CPs should produce a straight surface with curvature in one direction. When I loft the surface it works how I intend.



Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Your question isn’t clear to me: why asking to use networksrf if loft does the job?
Have you tried developable loft?

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Yes, NetworkSrf can produce a surface which is straight in one direction. But it is not a good method to use to produce surfaces which need to be developable so they can be unrolled without distortion. Use DevLoft or DefSrf.

A .3dm file with an example of input curves and the NetworkSrf result you obtain from the curves which is not straight is needed to provide insight into why the surface is not straight in one direction. You can upload a file by dragging it to where you type a post, by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post.

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I wonder here if you can simplfy those curves before doing anything.

In this instance, you may consider refitting them if it is acceptable accuracy and maintains the design to within a small amount.