Can my i5-1035g7 cpu laptop run Rhino7?

I have a laptop with i5-1035g7 cpu and integrated intel iris plus graphics and 8GB of ram. Is it possible to run Rhino7 or is it not worth trying?
Thanks for your advice

you can. but it won’t be great and will render very slow. Do your self a favor and buy a machine based on this info-

On a totally different topic…My middle scroll wheel of my Logitech M510 old trusty mouse no longer is able to be used to zoom in and out. I went through the mouse options under properties with no joy. Anybody have the same problem?

It’s entirely possible it’s starting to mechanically fail. Or, if you’re using Logitech’s drivers…they can be a bit crap sometimes.

what’s your setting here?

Never thought about the scale factor affecting the zoom use of the scroll wheel; interesting but to me arcane! Cheers, Roe

From Rob Ladd of Robb Ladd Yacht Design

did that fix your issue?

It did, Kyle and thanks much for that; I set the zoom factor to .9 and all is good. But in my humble opinion, that should appear in the mouse settings….!!!

From Rob Ladd of Robb Ladd Yacht Design

we agree… it’s been there since the beginning afaik, thus I think it just lives there now…