Can I work with proxys?

I have to model, make it a drawing with Make2D, and then export it something that way far that my computer can support. I can use something like proxys in Adobe Premiere?

Hello- can you explain what you mean by this?


I have a model with around 25k solids, and 2d drawings of it made of around 90k curves. And my computer itsnt powerful enough to support the heavy file

Hi -

Have you tried exporting the curves to a different file and then working only with those curves in the new file? Have you checked for duplicate curves that can be deleted? You could also check for short curves and delete those. Or join as many curves as possible into polycurves to reduce the number of objects in the scene.

Yes . You can use blocks similar to proxies. Make sure they are linked and you can develop these blocks to have multiple levels of details so you can work with 2D then convert them to 3D wlonce you are ready for final output