Can I use Rhino8 offline ... stand-a-lone

I setup a colleagues computer last year to work offline. I believe it was setup as “stand a lone” in order to do so. This was for version 7.

So, now they finally decided to notice version 8 is super awesomer than V7, which brings to question how they’re going to setup version 8 if they took the computer to a different location :joy:

Long story short, I’m just tryna compile some links for how to do this with V8, since it seems this data isn’t 110% compiled yet.

I think this solves the help docs part:

Still looking for the first part, pretty sure it’s current though, brb…

I’m guessing this is the first part:
just needs help docs part at bottom of page to be updated for V8…

I surmise it mostly has to do with how users setup their licenses in their account – I think is the main part, can’t use the cloud zoo type, cause that’s pretend offline, not real offline haha.

Now, just have to wait and see if my fellow user can figure it out on their own next couple days or ask me some questions soon :joy: That boot strapper section was pretty tedious lol.

I wish this process was easier. That would be great. :coffee: :slightly_smiling_face:

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If a user does an offline validation with their license they will need to contact sales to move it to another computer/ upgrade.

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