Can I take the shell of a mesh that has intersecting components?


I have a model with many self intersecting meshes. Imagine a pyramid of cubes but inside are all intersected mesh walls. Is there a way to get the outside" “drape” or shell of the pyramid shape…so I don’t have to go through and trim each cube?


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - if you’re lucky, MeshBooleanUnion will help, and if the intersections are not self-intersections within a mesh but from different meshes. However, that is still not a very robust tool…



Okay, thanks. I tried :

The tricky part is I want to delete the insides only. Image reference.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - are you sure the objects are actually meshes? Can you post a file with just a couple of these? Or send to



Yeah they are meshes. Unfortunately I cannot send any of the file out.


Is there a way to contour without the curve pulling the lines behind an object?

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hello - if the goal is to make contours, go ahead and make them overlapping (it will help to set the Contour command line option to group the output by contour plane), then set a CPlane or choose a view, that is parallel to the contours and select each group, one at a time and start CurveBoolean Set DeleteInput=All CombineRegions=Yes and then click AllRegions and Enter. Repeat for each group of overlapping contours.


Any luck?



Thanks, that’s really helpful. It is such a large complex mesh that when that happens, there are millions of these curves.

I tried drape…but I would need it to wrap underneath curves too. Like draping a sphere but touching the underside of the sphere as well.

(Diego Krause) #9

Hi Tamara, you can try with Meshmixer, which is free to use, it has a tool to “make solid” a bunch of meshes all at once with the desired resolution. then you can bring the closed mesh to rhino and make the contours.
Other option inside Rhino could be as Pascal says, using contour at the beginning and then use CurveBoolean to merge into closed perimeters only, each layer of curves.