Can i not use the move command with a mesh?

i copied a mesh from another file and pasted it into the file i am working on. it just pasted in in a random place and now im trying to use the move command. but it moves along the grid, not to the point where i want it??

Is it possible you are using different CPlanes in the two different files? If along with you mesh, you create a point in the copy from file at w0, that point should come in to the new file at w0 as well. That might give you a hint as to why the mesh is pasting in at an unexpected location.

As for the moving, I’m not sure I understand what you are seeing, but it sounds like Ortho and / or GridSnap are on. If you try toggling the state of these, does it behave as expected?


ah, well that could explain it since i’m having a problem (i was asking about in a different thread) that i installed the updated and the whole right side of my status bar disappeared and i can’t get it back. so ive been using keyboard commands to get my gumball on and off and i can’t immediately see which snaps are on… thanks for the reply

is there a way that i could orient the mesh to the origin? it seems to want to move it to the point i’m trying to get it to plus an extra distance determined by ?

ahhh… i had something called smarttrack on. never used that before. thanks for your help