Can I move this seam?

In the attached file I want to make a blend surface between the elliptical surface and the tube. However the tube has a seam which messes up the blend. I tried remaking the tube with a variety of techniques but because I need the trim curves at the ends, I always end up with a complex surface. Is there a way of moving the seam, or rebuilding the surface, or blending that will avoid these problems?
move seam.3dm (98.4 KB)


Use SrfSeam to move the seam on this surface.
On the other hand, I don’t think this seam makes the blend any harder: move seam 001.3dm (132.4 KB)

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Ahhh, SrfSeam. Thanks. Actually you’re right the seam doesn’t make it any harder - it doesn’t work even with the seam moved! Try BlendSrf with curvature continuity on the tube and position on the disk. The blend surface puckers on the sides.

Doesn’t look that bad if I adjust hadle points:

But doesn’t look very smooth either.
How about NetworkSrf? Move SrfSeam, MergeEdge (on both edges), ExtractIsoCurve, BlendCrv (from isocurves on tube to points on ellipse) and then NetworkSrf.


Do the following then use blend surface. There should be just 2 surface edges to create this blend.

So I got it by moving the seam, merging the edges, and play with the adjustment bar in BlendSrf. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Still looks a bit abrupt though. I think I will try making the opening in the tube larger. I might also try Mikolaj’s network surface idea.
thanks for the help!