Can I 'massage' a patched surface

I am difficulties modelling a ‘carved top’ guitar - I have to eyeball all my cross sections because I haven’t been able to find much for this particular guitar - anyway - I was having no luck at all around the cutaways or horns with sweeping or curve network commands , Patch almost worked and so I spent a lot of time and now I have a surface with which I’m happy around the cutaways.

But I look back and there are two areas elsewhere that I’d like to change a bit.

My question is do I have to do the whole thing again from the start or is there a way to sort of push and pull the surface a bit?


A surface from Patch can be manipulated like any other surface. You may want to Rebuild or FitSrf the surface to reduce the number of control points in each direction.

An alternative approach to modeling would be to “fill in” the side cutaways, create a top surface you like, and then trim out the cutaways.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
I’m new to rhino in particular the 3d surface manipulations.
I have attached a pdf of an attempt where the cutaways are promising but the rest loops and folds and I don’t really understand the causes and effects.
Can you suggest a source of online instruction as well as a possible next step in dealing with the dips and bumps please?

Rob.screenshot of patch.pdf (83.6 KB)