Can I make an object invisible to the camera?

Hi guys,

I have an issue where I have 5 cosmetic pieces of diffrent hieght and sizes in my scene. These objects also vary in distance from the camera. One of the objects Has a highlight on it that’s too bright. I usually put a surface with black material next to a blown out item to darken the higlights but in this instance I am using a perspective camera and the light is at an angle where if I put the dark surface in the position it needs to be in in order to darken my highlights, the surface becomes viewable to the camera and therefore viewable in the render.

Is there a way to make that surface I’m using to darken my highlights invisible to the camera while keeping its ability to darken my highlights? If not what options do I have? At my job they don’t do post FYI :weary:

Try this. Make a two sided material leaving the front slot empty and the back slot with a black non reflective material.
Use a plane with the two-sided material close to the object that you want to darken the highlights
The side of the plane facing the camera will be invisible but the back will be black.
See attached

Invisible.3dm (534.8 KB)

try to use different color mapping? Linear mapping will produce blown out areas.

Another option is to enable ‘only in secondary’ in the options tab of the material.

True. That’s actually a better option.