Can I make all meshes to planar polygons?

To import my rhino 3d-model in other simulation software, I should reduce the data size, so I wanna make meshes to planar polygons.
I used ‘reduce mesh polygon count’-‘planar only’, but it steel looks like non-planar polygons. How can I make meshes to planar polygons?
Or is there any other way to cut down data size of 3d model in rhino?

All polygons in a mesh will already be individually planar as tris or quads so if the Planar Only option in ReduceMesh didn’t combine any adjacent polys into one they weren’t perfectly co-planar with one another.

If the model is only a mesh then save small in the File menu will not reduce the file size but if it is a polysurface, then the 3dm would get saved without the render mesh and would be smaller. The render mesh allows you to see the model in shaded display modes. Save small as well as zipping the saved 3dm will reduce the file size.

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