Can I display objects showing their Properties object name?

Is there a way to display in the viewport both an object and the name of the object, using names I give them in the ‘Properties’ sidebar Object Name dialog?

I have a series of points that I want to see the names of on-screen as I work.

If not possible, please put on the V6 wish pile.


Kind of, but this idea may be too clumsy for your needs. Both the Text and Leader commands have a function (fx) button which will call up a menu of text string values from which you can chose Object Name. Then you have to click the “select object” button, then select an object, and the Text or Leader will display that object name. The text string will update if you edit the object name, but otherwise is unconnected to the object. You will have to group them together if you want the name to move when the object is moved, or hide when the object is hidden. The text string will also be oriented to one view, and not visible in others except perspective. An annotation dot would be visible in all views, but there is no function option, so you would have to type in the name yourself.

And of course, Pascal has a script to automate this process, see this thread

(Both of us should learn to search Discourse before posting, this forum is getting quite rich with solutions)