Can I change this display color? If so, where?

A simple set rendered in Raytraced. Not liking the lavender on the back sides that shows up in this display option. Any way to change it?

Hello - I’d guess that is coming from the environment - what is that, the default Studio or?


I’m pretty sure it would be default as I’ve never played with environments. Don’t know were to find them. These is my RT settings.

Hello- the environment is set in the Environment or Rendering panel. (Panels menu)


My environment panel settings. I did not apply any materials or textures to the walls. They are gray in other display options, but turn lavender in RT. Where would I play to make them gray?

@CalypsoArt Can you post 3dm file for just some of the walls that show the lavender?

Those walls look like they have a different material on. Same goes for a bit on the outside of the ground block in the entrance hallway, facing the viewer. Also, not the entire wall is that different color, bits are greyish.

edit: actually, maybe you have an extra light in your scene that casts this purplish light.

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That’s what I’m guessing, if it is not the HDR. @CalypsoArt - please make a copy of this file, delete all the geometry that is not public and post the rest… or send the file to with a link back here.


Attached is the light info and the file.

OFFICE_SET.3dm (12.2 MB)

Hello - open the Rendering panel and click on ‘Reset to defaults’. Then, if needed, turn off the ground plane.


I just opened the Sun panel, unchecked sun ‘On’ no lavender.
Time shown is probably the culprit:

edit: watch the scene while you ‘play’ the time slider.