Can I change the location where .rimage (Rhino Rendered Image) files are written?

… they can get crazy big (5+ GB each recently) and they fill up and snuff my SSD (C drive).

Actually, I’m probably missing something but would it make sense to have include/exclude options for which channels get written to the .rimage file? (as opposed to selecting which are visible after the render). I just did a bunch of renders from which I only needed the Distance (Z-Buffer?) channel which I imagine is pretty lightweight…


(using the Distance channel to generate animated stereograms, cos, you know, we need those…)

Hello - I guess the idea of the rimage is that it carries all of the info - you can save the bits you care about to a normal image format but all the stuff stays in the rimage.
It does not look like you get to change the location but you can set the number that get saved - in Options > Advanced, look for

Default is 10. I have not tested this…

They go here:

in case you want to manually purge any.


Thanks, set the default to 1 and it only saves the last render. End of problem… :+1: