Can I change the length factor accuracy in dimension styles

I have made a shell plate layout of a bulk storage tank by un-wrapping the tank shell.
The tank diameter is 67083 mm
I need to dimension the angular positions of items on this layout.
I have made a dimension style which converts lengths to angles with a length factor of 360/circumference.
The accuracy of this is not good enough 360° ends up being 360.233°.
I have tried the same thing in Rhino 5 and the angle comes out perfectly.
Can I change the accuracy that Rhino 6 uses to calculate these things?
Version 6 SR7
(6.7.18190.21071, 9/07/2018)

Hello - here I see, for example-
500 radius -> 3142.593 circ -> factor = 0.114592
I get 360 for the overall length of the unrolled edge rounded to 2 places… slightly under if rounded farther out - is that the difference, rounding, in your example?


Hi Pascal

My tank is 21353 mm diameter and the circumference is 67083 mm.
360° / 67083 = 0.005366486 °/mm
When I enter 0.005366486, Rhino 6 appears to round this to 0.00537 °/mm
67083 x 0.00537 = 360.24° so there is a 0.24° error.
That is 67083 / 360 x 0.24 = 44.6 mm error.