Can I access variable set in another scripting component on the canvas?

Adding a toolstrip menu items is the level of “feasible” for which McNeel is going to write UI samples in Python. Re-writing Grasshopper UI defeats the purpose of “support” and opens the gates of custom developments. Learning C# is immensely easier than what you are asking, so please start there.

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Come on man, are you really going to continue with this “add menu items” slap in the face.

Support will never lose its purpose, simply because Rhino as 3d modeling engine is closed. Bugs will always appear, new features are definitely required for Rhino to stay as competitive as it is, even more.

How did you make the decision to integrate Python? It was because Python is highly popular among engineers and scientists (creative people, non programmers by education). Even you and David, are coming from this group. Opening this gate will boost creative people to create really unique useful stuff. So withholding information like this will prevent creative people to realize their ideas, while some-non creative people will butcher the UI with csharp simply because it’s their “native” language. Learning C# in most cases is not an option for full-time engineers and scientists, compiling, debugging, opening Rhino every time you want to test your script is slowing the process too much. Adding scripting components was the smartest thing until this moment (opening the gate).

It is feasible to use IronPython to create the same things csharp can do. Show a simple button example. Arguing about this took a lot more time than it would to create such example.

Design is about domesticating creativity. About reducing alternatives, to as few as possible for an end. Integrating that which serves that end.

You are suggesting disintegration. A nighmare in software design.

Rhino has a purpose. Designed for an end. C# is one of the (reducing) choices made. 99.9999999999999 of everything possible, but not desired, was simply excluded. Because what is possible is not always desired. Like with any designed product.

Learn C#.

// Rolf

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There’s a fine line between support and custom development, and I am drawing that line right after “Adding more menu items” and before “Creating new UI” in Python. See the Millipede link above for an example of what I am not going to write. You have the tools to do it, though, but I would not suggest it. Thanks.

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Only a couple of months ago I had never written a line of C# code

Same, and was really surprised how quick it was to pick up, with the help of tutorials and others. C# may seem redundant in declarations ect. but I personally like it, just makes the structure of things easier to understand and keeps potential messy code in check. Especially, when you have to go back to a code you haven’t looked at in months :smiley: Also, the obvious benefits being it is the most documented language on the web and has tons of 3rd party libraries. It is very unlikely with C# to have a question that someone else hasn’t already solved online. Lastly, C# is faster and who doesn’t like more speed in grasshopper. :sunglasses:


I’m not going to create such thing, this is beyond ugly. Why are you comparing everyone to that? Did everyone do the things Panda did? Of course not, you’re unreasonable.

I will learn csharp eventually, for sure, but now I don’t have time for it, and you want me to ditch my ideas, wait years until I learn csharp? Again, unreasonable.

You can just use a normal Grasshopper button and focus on the real code. Don’t ditch your ideas, make them feasible! It was apparent from our previous discussion that you need to layout the class structure of the data, now, not really focus on some extended, beyond-your-need UI.

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Using 20 components to do things that I can do with single one. Right, very feasible.

Btw, I’m not asking for custom development because I’m not asking you to develop my stuff, I’m asking for example, that should exist in the API in the first place.

We are not recommending Python for this. So no samples. Thanks.

I am also going to close this topic. As it stands, it is only going to draw the same request from the same user.