Can I access an educational license away from the license network?

I study Industrial Design, and use Rhino for Mac through an educational license given by my school.

I need to be connected to the schools network to open Rhino, which means I can’t bring my work home, which I would like to be able to. Ive discussed this with the IT department several times and mentioned that The Zoo has a checkin/out feature (which still only works with windows?). I keep getting the same non answer which is “that is not possible because we are an educational institute”.

Now I just need to know if im asking for the impossible or im getting a bullshit answer?


No, it’s not impossible at all…

First, with Rhino 6, it is possible to put an edu lab license in the cloud zoo, then students can have access to it from anywhere (as long as they have an internet connection). No VPN is required. This is now the ideal solution for schools.

Otherwise, it is possible to access the LAN Zoo and check out a license, but that requires that you VPN into the school’s network - so it is a question of how the school network is set up and whether they want to allow students to do this. Plus, for the school IT administrator, it is a bit of a nightmare keeping track of licenses that have been checked out that might not get checked back in automatically. So in general this is not a preferred solution.