Can grasshopper support other languages?

As a non-native English speaking area, it’s a very painful thing to use all English software. Even if there are people who use English better, but because grasshopper doesn’t support the local language, many people give up learning and using this software. I’m one of them. Although the software developers have made the tutorials very attentively, but for us, the For people with poor language, it’s really inconvenient to use grasshopper, and the cost of learning is very high. I believe that the advanced working mode of grasshopper, if it supports multiple languages to reduce the learning difficulty, should be able to have more and more users soon rather than the situation that many ordinary people want to use but do not understand the language. Please have some support for other languages and hope to have various language versions. Thank you~

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Consider this an opportunity to learn English. It is a skill that will help you in your social life, education and career.


If Grasshopper supports multilingual labels (does it? @DavidRutten), then you may consider translating Grasshopper component names to your language?

Be aware though that the component names are not hard part when working with Grasshopper, it’s the art of approaching and solving particular problems. And hints and help from other people who have (probably) already solved part or the whole problem typically share their knowledge in English.

Using native language may not be entirely worthless, perhaps, but not as useful as one might think. For beginners it (perhaps) make more sense, but once you get into more advanced use of Grasshopper, then English becomes more and more important for said reasons.

This forum, for example, is a gold mine of already well thought out solutions to many common problems. Knowing some basic English is the only thing preventing you from digging all that gold, for free.

// Rolf


No effort was put into making GH1 localisable, and we decided to keep up that level of commitment for GH2. It is in fact quite difficult to really translate Grasshopper because a lot of text you see on the screen is composed at runtime using code which relies on English grammar rules. It is not just a matter of translating words and sentences, which is why we decided to post-pone any work in this area until at least GH3.

We are making sure that the documentation can be translated, as that is just a lot of flat text.

Yes, it is true that English is a very important language, so in order to make better use of grasshopper, I am learning English that may be used with pain and happiness。 :罗夫:

Thank you very much for your reply, and thank you for your efforts to make us better use of GH. Although it is difficult to learn, I continue to learn it. SEG is a plug-in that makes some battery explanation translation costs the local language, and is currently enhancing English learning and use SEG to assist with GH use. The software localization work is very heavy. Thank you for your efforts for GH localization.

Sorry, my English is not good, there may be some sentence problems, please don’t mind.

Yes, it’s really a good chance to learn English. Hope my loose English didn’t make you uncomfortable, hahaha

Your written English is quite good so I have no problem with it.

A language could not be uncomfortable, a conversation can. When one or more participants lack the desire to learn or the desire to speak, when they can.
Unfortunately, I have many such unpleasant experiences where I live.

I found a useful plug-ins, the hope can give you provide a little help in GH localization, this plugin is Glasses, this is introduce the website (, with video demos. In my learning, this degree of localization support is enough for me to learn faster through the comparison between my native language and English, and also enables me to learn English faster in the process of learning to use GH. This plug-in should be able to help people like me who have a poor English foundation to complete the transition from native language to English when using GH.