Can GH do the work of image processing? e.g. isolate the interested pixel parts from a image

Hi everyone,
I may be silly to ask this question, however, I love GH so much that I wish I could finish all my work in this platform.

As you see this is a medical image. I want to isolate all the bright points surrounding the black area (some bright points are indicated by red marker), then get the location of these bright points (pixel number). I know many people realize the similar work in Matlab. Here I wonder if GH can have a possibility to do the work.

Any suggestions and ideas are so appreciated!!

Hi Wu,

yes, it is quite easy:

get the avairy plugin you can use this to deconstruct the bitmap.
you will need to assign a point to each pixel to get each color value. this will mean an initial compute time that is very heavy. however once you have this information in a list it will be easy to analyse it. steps will be:

Avairy plugin:

  1. Read bitmap

  2. Sample bitmap or native gh. image sampler

  3. Deconstuct colors into hsl

  4. analyse dark and light portions of image.
    5 you could also analyse other parts of the image for color values, reds, greens, blues, or hues etc.

  5. optional - to visualise the colors you will need to spray a mesh face with each color, you can then do a cull to see the affected pixels - an image of 1000x1000 will be heavy, but it will be work it…

I have done this before with success.



Thank you so much, arkadius, for your valuable suggestions!
I never use this plug-in and I need some time to get familiar with it. I am sure I will meet problems and questions and I really wish you are still helping me!
Thanks again,