Can Elefront be ran in the V8 WIP?


I am having difficulties getting Elefront to run in the V8 WIP. It does not appear in the package manager for me, nor in Grasshopper (despite having it installed in V7). I have set my .Net version to Framework, which enables most of my plugins in Grasshopper, but not Elefront:
Does anyone know how this could be fixed?

Do you have V7 installed , can you try it with V7 first. It seems that you are missing a . Net distribution.

Also this is a beta version and there should be a more polished version coming in the next few days.

Yes, I have V7 installed and I use both the legacy and beta version there.
Yet, I don’t know how to get it working for the V8 WIP.

I can see here that a new .Net V6 runs by default for Rhino 8

Which is why I set it back to .NET Framework 4.8, at least, that’s what this command should be doing. Most of the other plugins I use don’t run on .NET 6.0.

I tried installing 5.0.02 beta with no luck on V8 it doesn’t even show on the package manager. So the wise way to use the legacy version until the the official build of V5

Running two versions of Elefront on my Rhino8WIP install. Pancake report:


I confirm that the food4rhino works well with rhino 8 wip but for the case of @Intuos . Yak can’t install it. Needs to download it from food4rhino

I do also have problems installing .yak files in a machine running Rhino6.

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What plug-ins are not running on .NET 6.0? We would like to investigate to see if we can get these to properly run.

@stevebaer I had reported those in the other thread about .NET 6, but I don’t see this thread anymore.

I have not double checked these for installation, all I know is that they won’t appear in GH (whether I need to reinstall them or not, I have not investigated).

Bison - Prompts error messages
Decoding spaces - prompts two errors, but does load the toolbar in GH


I do have problems loading in Rhino8WIP any component that was written using Python, the Hennec components for example, they just giving a lot of error at loading time. Also I do have some custom ones that are not loading, like this one:

Analyse Direction.ghpy (33.5 KB)

@curtisw see above for a list of grasshopper components to investigate