Can Ctrl-C use "export selected" instead of "save" under the hood?

@pascal @wim
Can you address this to the right developers?

The current attitude of copying every single material in the file + plugin data like visual arq together with something as simple as one single curve is MADNESS. It really bloats all other files, hogs system resources etc.

We have to be able to copy paste stuff. And we have to be able to keep files small and clean and not force a file to store plugindata that it should not have.

Using Export selected with save small to a file does not store all materials in the file and we can safely import it into another file. BUT do you think we do that??? That is like using a faxmachine when everybody else is using (…no not email) SnapChat (it’s 2020 after all)

As I have understood it Ctrl-C in a way saves to memory a rhino file containing the selected data, thus bringing materials that have nothing to do with the selected objects with it.

Can Ctrl-C be upgraded to use the export engine with save small instead? I can’t imagine that should be too difficult since you already have the code for that… (crossing fingers)

The last thing we all want is irrelevant stuff added to any plan or file, and the way it is now makes that happen every single day. And we have to clean up materials and other stuff.

In V7 I often see that a “missing font” warning pops up if I paste a curve from V6, and that is just nonsense. A curve does not have a font assigned. So this needs to be solved for V7 as well.

Please, I hope you understand the importance of this and that you see that allocating some resources for this both for v6 and v7 is time well spent.

@gustojunk Can you chime in on this if you have any thing to add?
You are much better than me in explaining stuff like this.


Well said; I can only add that recently we have been having lots of troubles because of that unnecessary stuff being carried over (file bloating, weird conflicts etc). I’d love to see the suggested behavior implemented and this issue fixed both in V6 and WIP as well.


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Yeah, this has been on the pile for a while now - Just checking here- in V7, Copy is slow if there are materials, but paste, also slow, here, does not bring the extraneous stuff with it - only the object material.
Also, I cannot, starting from scratch, reproduce the materials and textures problem in V6 either. Only ‘relevant’ materials and textures end up in the target file.


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Hi Jørgen, I saw some fo those perky messages like the missing font of a pasted piece of geometry. I haven’t given much thought to this, like we say around here, when in comes to things that need my attention to bring up to McNeel to get their attention…

But I’ll watch this behavior some more and think about it, see what I come up with.