Can anyone tell me whats the problem is? i will be very thankfull to him

RhinoDotNetCrash - Copy.txt (796 Bytes)

I don’t know for sure but it sounds like a crash of the Microsoft .Net framework in Windows. Have you checked Windows update to make sure you aren’t missing any important updates specifically of .Net. Also check the update history log in Windows to make sure the update succeeds. You may in some cases have to download a specific “KB” update file from Microsoft and install it manually. Also make sure you’re using the latest service release of Rhino.

Does that help? If not, what were you doing when the crash occurred and can you reproduce it?

This looks like it is occurring in a GemVision product. @jstevenson72 can you help here?

Vijay please contact Matrix support on Monday. It looks like your installation is missing some required files for the Animation Builder. Daniel or Andrew should be able to help you out.

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