Can an item drawn with curves etc be made non Osnappable?

I am creating some numbers and having traced them from photo in Rhino, I need to draw over these ‘template numbers’ and refine them to a standard stroke width, etc. I dont want them grabbing at my redrawing tools though.
Can they be made non Osnappable rather than have to use alt key, s alt key stops me snapping to other drawn items such as my special grid.
I have a drawn special grid over them I need to follow, the rhino grid sits behind a raster template I need to also follow but apart from not being visible, and rasters need physically moving behind it anyway, it hasnt the divisions I need just on this one task and I dont want to alter that grid. I need to snap to that drawn grid yet not snap to the template numbers.

I tried padlock the layer they are on but then they disappears and I dont want bring to front as then whatever I draw sits behind them.


Lock command and select the objects to lock. They turn grey but still be visible.

Hi David,
thanks, before I do so how does one unlock afterwards ?
ah I see in help unlock,

however it says for locked, objects can be snapped to ? uh ?

and its right, it still gets snapped to.

grey over my greyscale raster image is a bit of a shame, I have them a dull colour at the mo.

even over the grey background wouldnt be good, pity they dont retain their individuality and distinction.

It makes the object vanish though, same as locking its layer, sends it behind what I am creating and the raster image.

have run bringForward on it, now I see it, but my drawing over it vanishes, bringToFront fixes the first line but the next vanishes, any way of having my session draw always at front then turning that bringToFront function off after I am done with the session or number ?.



@Steve1, you might control this behaviour using _SnapToLocked command

You can control the color for locked objects globally in the display mode properties. Eg for the shaded display mode, check this dialog:

Options > Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > Shaded > Objects > Locked Objects

In addition to locked object color usage, you can lock a layer and keep the layer color. Adjust the layer color as you like.

To understand the problems you’re having with the draw order, you might want to post an example file or image explaining your problem.