Can add but not remove curves, without resetting script

This is a modified circle packing script. Goal is pretty simple, add tightly packed random circles with exact offsets using Kangaroo collider. I like it as an alternative to voroni based scripts for removing material weight. My big issue though is it goes haywire when I remove circles, I can add more to fill the space but when I add too many I can’t remove them unless I reset the script.

Other sorta buggy behavior is the fact that the circles generate outside the bounding surface unless I make them really small or reduce the count… that’s okay though, the process of filling is what I like about it, just a heads up if that looks broken.

Also once circles get too tightly packed they break out of the boundary surface and can’t go back in without resetting, I don’t really like that but that’s probably just a aspect of Kangaroo collisions.

TLDR: I want to tweak the circle amount, seed, range of size and offset to get intertesitng composiitons but I can’t remove circles one added. They kinda just blink, act erratically and put stay put, could anyone help me figure out the cause?

Circle Pack (23.3 KB)