Can a "classification yard" component be available in GH2?

The following entry

has brought to light an interesting issue about the clustering process in GH2. The issue of interest is the manual process involved in the clustering in a GH definition. From my experience, this process can be a bit tedious. The following example illustrates this perception.

spring before (17.4 KB) generates two sets of springs with different diameters. As shown on the GH viewport, they are 2 sets of components, one for each set of springs. In order to have less components and less wires, it is usual to create a cluster “spring” that will factor both sets of components into one component “spring”.
Let’s factor the first set

In my opinion, two issues can be considered

  • the cluster have duplicate entries.
  • replacing the second set of component by a new cluster instance will be a bit hairy (lot of plumbing work ahead)

This is where a “classification yard” component could be usefull. To create a “classification yard”, you first select a set of wire. For instance by dragging the mouse from right to left with the Right Mouse Button pressed as show in the following figure.


  • for each wire selected from one component to one or more component, there is one input and one ouput in the “classification yard” component
  • the order of the input and output of the “classification yard” can be edited by the user for visual purposes (“detangle”)

Below is a mockup. The group below would be the “classification yard”.

Notice that this component is purely visual (not creation/transformation of Rhino objects)
If this component is available, I surmised this would mitigate both issues stated above and therefore ease the “plumbing” part of the clustering process.
Clustering could be done the following way

  • For each set of component that will be clustered or replaced by a cluster, select all incoming wires and create a “classification yard” component. Do the same for all outgoing wires.
  • cluster the first set of component by including the input/output classification yards
  • for each set of component to be replaced by the cluster, copy the cluster near the input/ouput classification yards of the set
  • do the “plumbing”

Perhaps you already know and it’s not exactly the same as the “classification yard” you’re talking about, but GH 1.0 already has a feature called “wire relay object”.wire relay

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Hi Kim, thank you for your answer. Indeed, that would fit the need. However, I did not find this “wire relay object” component in my version of GH (mac). Under which tab is it ? Thanks.

Like HS_Kim said, it’s on GH 1.0 (under Params > Util). The GH version that runs on RH5 (Win and Mac) is GH 0.9x.

Thanks for the info. I look forward to 1.0 on macos then.

or just double click any wire to make it.

You can check this out:

And double click any relay to unmake it.

I’ve also been using them as a kind of hack to easily delete wires rather than going to the components to disconnect :smiley:

Double click make relay > select > delete. Nice inadvertent feature.