Can 3DFace automatically Append?

3DFace should automatically append to the geometry if one vertex is already part of an existing geometry.
No pre-selection required.

It does here… Just make sure you select Append when using 3dface

Yup that is what I meant, you should be able to pre-select a geometry, run command 3DFace and have no need to check ‘Append’.

Well, you said without preselection… (:

Sorry, let me clarify, It should work both ways.

  1. Either you pre-select a geometry and it automatically appends to the selected geometry.
  2. Or you don’t pre-select any geometry, and it automatically appends if you are clicking on vertices of existing geometry.

Most of the time you want to append stuff, append should be the default behavior.

How many times you need to create a single 3D face in open space? And if you do you create only 1, and then keep appending new ones.

I see now what you mean. Logged feature request: RH-78416 SubD 3dface automatic append to existing geometry

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