Camera undo

Hi, I have a question about camera widget. While using the Gumball to place camera or target point to somewhere, I need to undo some movements, but it’s not possible. Using Gumball for camera is a oneway street. Is it possible to add undo here? Thanks.

Hi Alexey - yeah this is broken in V5 and has been fixed in the V6 WIP. You can use the Home key (UndoView) in V5 in the view for which the camera is active but in 5 it only goes back in tiny steps so it is not very helpful.


Pascal, V6 for me is like magic land where is everything work just like we all expect. Mostly… Do you know, is there (in V6) the same working process with camera as it in V5? I was hoping to see object-kind camera rather than mysterious and unpredictable for me appearing and disappearing spirit of it.

Hi Alexey - you can use NamedView to get more predictable camera objects (V5 and V6) Does that help at all?


NamedView is not bad… Actually, it’s really good in terms of you can see tomb-nail of the named view. But it’s confusing…

Let’s see the example. New project. I put a cube in Perspective view and save it as 01 named view. Now I want to change this view. What should I do? My 3D Max experience say, if you saved your perspective view as a camera, then select this camera, move it and you’ll get new angel of view. What is happening here? In 01 view I’m pressing F6 to see the camera ghost. Move it and… yes, I can see changes in 01 view window. But named view is not updated. Why? I’m using your camera, belonged and connected to you. I expect, if I in 01 view pressing F6 it’s mean I’m going to change camera position of 01 view and it should be updated automatically. But it’s not.

That’s why I prefer to work with camera object rather than named view. If you moved camera, then you know, that this new angel of view will be saved with this camera. But if you move camera ghost of named view – nothing happens. What’s the point of this camera in this case? Just to continue moving? Want to move, switch to Perspective and move around.

Hi Alexey - select/highlight the named view, right click and choose ‘Show named view widget’.