Camera Target to auto change for each

For my current task I would like the camera target to be the item I pick each and every pick I am making, without me having to enter any menu and make it so. i.e some auto setting.

i.e I am going to pick 100 items, by the end of the session on those 100 items the target will have moved 100 times…assuming I pick each one only once !


I’m not sure I understand.
There is a Place Target tool that changes the viewport target with a pick, but it is a point location, not a object that can have length, width, area, or volume.

Is that what you’re after?

I am aware of how to select an item and have camera target that item, involves visiting the menu or as you show the icon panel, but that done and viewing done, seconds later I need target on the next item I pick, and seconds later on the next item I pick, to keep going to the menu and saying make the item the target will prolong the job a hundred fold. 100 targets a 100 visits toi the menu,no way !!! I want it to know the target as i pick it and move the target to that pick without my input !


How about the MoveTargetToObjects command? Make a keyboard shortcut. Options > Keyboard.

Then pick your object and press the shortcut. I think that’s about as good as it gets.

I don’t know it this would help, but I have made an alias ZS (maybe I didn’t make it?) for ZoomSelected and then just pick what I want for my camera target.

How do I do that and does it mean I then pick an item and it automatically becomes the target, pick another and that automatically becomes the target ?

takes the drudgery out of visiting the menu I guess, thats the command I would need to run, and do run. Just make sure the keys are not going to get used, a single key best as I have one hand working mouse.


I can’t remember if ZoomSelected is a ready made alias, but it is easy enough to do if not. Z and S are right next to each other so I can invoke it quickly and then when you click on an object the camera refocuses right in. You can then orbit around it and zoom doesn’t get funky. If I want to get in really tight like when trying to find naked edges which can be tiny, I’ll drop a point in the area and ZS and select it and that gets you in really close without any of the odd clipping plane issues. Real quick and simple. Give it a try, hope it works for your needs.

So what i do is set up a keyboard shortcut as Margaret showed but for ZoomSelected ? set it to keys ZS


Not a keyboard shortcut but rather go to Options, Aliases and make a new alias like this.

If you don’t use your middle mouse button for anything else, it is an option to set it to zoom selected. No keyboard necessary then. (In mouse options -> Run this Macro.)

Middle mouse button gets a lot of use zooming in and out normally :slight_smile:
not on selected items but wherever I fancy so best not upset that.


Of course it is used for scrolling, but the middle mouse button can also be clicked. It works well for me.

You could add a new, custom tab to the toolbar and copy the ZoomSelected button on there with all your other commonly used commands, it speeds things massively to have all your common buttons grouped together to suit your workflow.

Here is a quick script that may do what you want. To use the script, extract and save the .rvb file from the attached zip archive, then drag and drop the saved rvb over an open Rhino V4 or v5 window. This will load the script, set it up to load on startup in the future and register the alias


that will run the script much like a regular command. An alias can be typed or added to a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut (F-key). Tested, slightly, in V5 only, but I expect it will work in V4. (496 Bytes)


BrianM I will try to find time and do what you say. Trouble is time seems to go against me, just lost a day through a rhino command MoveForward.

Pascal, cheers,another to add to the day off I must engineer and tweak my tools. bet thats going to be useful.

gregb I’ll give that a try as well.

you say run this macro, I dont see a script ?
I click mouse scroll wheel and get the zoom icon but moving mouse nothing happens.

many Thanks all.


No need for a day off- download the file, unzip, drag and drop the contained rvb file, and it should be ready to go.


I’m going to be a little blunt; Pascal has taken his time to custom program a tool just for you, in an effort to give you the functionality you desire. It may not work the way you envisioned, perhaps it may not work at all (note he qualified it with “tested slightly”), but his efforts are not deserving of sarcasm. Pascal has proven to be very willing to revisit and tweak his tools if one is willing to beta-test them and provide feedback regarding either improvements to the functionality or problems with the tools.

As for Brian’s suggestion, yes, you may spend a day learning about all the wonderful ways in which you can customize the Rhino interface and then creating and re-arranging toolbars, but it will be time well spent. One of the best features of Rhino is that it allows the user to customize the toolbars, toolbar buttons, drop-down menus, keyboard aliases, mouse middle button pop-up menu, list of commands which don’t repeat with Enter, and more, until the interface perfectly matches that individual users specific needs and style of working. Once you know how, you may find yourself (as I do) moving buttons around and creating new ones with custom command and option sequences even for individual projects, it’s that fast and easy. Have a look at the help files, and the training guides on the McNeel downloads page.

I did not read any sarcasm in Steve’s response, myself, only the implication that he’s a little intimidated by the idea of installing the script and learning how it works etc. One reason I tend to make my scripts ‘drag and drop’ with an alias all ready to go, is that this way basically behaves just like a command, so it really should be easy- assuming it works of course…


It would have taken 15 seconds for you to search help (F1) for BringForward, which is on a page with related commands, including ClearDrawOrder.

The help is your friend and will save you a lot of time.