Camera points misaligned

Does anyone know why this might happen? I can toggle the camera on and off to refresh the points, but when I rotate the camera using the points they often come misaligned from their viewport curves.

Could this have anything to do with the view being Isometric?

Hi Tedrick15, I’m not sure why that is happening, but alternatively, you could try setting your points using point geometry, and then run command _ViewportProperties and use “place camera and target” to the predefined points. Maybe this would help you?

Did you scan a horse’s leg?

Well I can do that, but struggling through toggling the camera and rotating the points to the desired location has proven to be the fastest way for me to complete this task.

The piece is actually a deer leg for a sculpture I’m working on.

I imagine you want to align the camera with a parallel view to certain planes in the sculpture? Is this what you are doing?

If so, Named CPlanes work really well too for defining parallel projections. Then you have a set of referenced construction planes and you can jump between them quickly. I have an Alias set up called CP3, and it enters the sequence for a 3-point CPlane:
’_CPlane _i

I will often do this with the perspective camera and then just type “Plan” and there you go, a parallel projection oriented perpendicular to the CPlane.