Camera Lens Length

Hello; maybe this question related to Rhino more than Grasshopper or to both of them.

Fspy : is an Open source still image camera matching and Blender can import fspy file directly
Fspy unlike Rhino don’t export XYZ euler coordinations; so i use this method to get them.

  1. -Export Json file from Fspy
  2. -Extract matrix transformation of the camera
  3. -Get XYZAB from the matrix with FURobot plugin
  4. -Rotate XY plane with Pufferfish Rotate Euler
  5. -Create camera with Horster plugin
  6. -I use the image as background and the camera matched good.

Now i have one problem: Lens length ; Fspy export FOV . Blender read it and we can easily switch from FOV to Focal Length
The question how we can get Lens length (Focal Length) from FOV?

Problem Solved: i use width of the sensor = 32

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