Camera icon size

Is there a way to change the scale of camera icon ? I have a little object, and when I turn on F6 - camera icon appears huge !!! making it very hard to work …
If I make zoom extents I see only the camera icon, because the object is very small in compare to the camera icon…

The camera displays relative to the model size here using Rhino 5 SR12. Can you post a 3dm file and screenshot of what you see?

I have SR 11 version ? Is there a difference ?

Generally it’s just bug fixes between service releases and I’m not sure if there was a change that would have effected the display of the camera. If you can, update to SR12 and if you still have an issue, please post a screenshot showing what you see as well as a 3dm file and I’ll try to help more.

OK Thank you very much.
If I update the version - will it change all my definitions ?

That depends a bit on what you changed.

If you have changed one of the default templates into something that you like and saved it with the same default name, this will be overwritten when installing a new version. You should therefore make your own template saved with a new name.

Rhino options are not changed.

How should I save my own template?

Saving a template is just like saving a regular file.
You change your units, tolerances, layouts, line styles, dim styles, etc. but don’t put any objects in it (unless you want them available in all new files). Then just save like a normal file.

To make this new file the default template, start Rhino and then use the New command. You will be able to select a file and tick off a check box to make it the default template.

… reading the help file tells me that you can also use the SaveAsTemplate command :blush: The only thing it does differently is open the directory to where the Rhino factory templates are stored. Personally I would pick another folder for those…

Further reading:

Thank you very much