Camera help

Hi everyone!
I am new at using the camera, and the reason I want to use it is to shorten topography from a specific viewpoint that I might be seeing a mountain from. So I want to use the camera to orient the gumball to, and then scale the topography in that direction. I am not sure if that makes sense so I will attach a file. I want to see this view:

so I want to place the camera so that when I view it from above I know exactly the angle that I am seeing the topography from. but that just resulted in a very distorted thing, not what I was going for
I appreciate any help! Thanks~!

Hi Courtney-

I’m not sure I’m following, I’m afraid.

I am not sure if that makes sense so I will attach a file.

I don’t see a file attached. It might help us understanding if we can fiddle with what you currently are seeing.

Sorry for the delayed uptake.


changing the focal length of the camera in perspective view to see the changes is not an option? also not sure if i understand what you want but it seems you squashed the landscape instead. setting the camera to something like 80 mm or more shortens the landscape optically if thats what you want. and you can stay on the same position.