Camera Fly though using a 3D Spaceball

I am trying to do a camera fly through using Bongo 2.0 w/Rhino 7.
Will BONGO recognize a 3D space mouse (ball) to capture the screen movement?

Bongo should capture the movement with the 3D space ball mouse the same way it captures the normal movement with the mouse.
As in you activate Animation mode in the Viewport, you press the Animate button on the Timeline, you move in the Viewport and when the movement stops Bongo should create a keyframe on the Timeline. Rhino - View Animation

I greatly appreciate the response. Thank you for confirmation of what I thought it should do.
I will try again.

Hi Keith,

Although it can be done, in my experience, it’s not easy to create a smooth camera journey by composing successive views created in a viewport. I personally prefer to use the Camera and Target Constraints.
Have a peek at this topic