Camera command independent of normal view of our workspace?

Setting camera and target up for a photograph, as soon as I even scroll zoom in perspective, it loses that placement.

I want to be able to work in the scene independent of where I have placed my camera.

Imagine being on site, and having a chain attached to your leg and camera tripod !

Saving view then restoring it doesnt return me there, but even setting camera up then just wishing to check something, loses that placement.

Cant we have it that there is a camera command independent of the normal view we have of the scene ?


I can’t tell what this means - if you save a named view, restoring it should restore it - are you saying it does not?


yes, I saved a view that did work, then later chose it and went restore and ended up as per the problem picture sent, some distance well behind the camera.

did you receive my jing video link and image in email ?


Hi Steve - The link in the email you sent was to a file on your hard drive, not accessible by me…


Hi, oh ?

it was from the screencast website, it said click this for email submission etc. assumed it took you to screencast library of my vids.