CAM software for Mac OS

Is there any CAM software available for Mac OS, preferably that will integrate well with Rhino for Mac?

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Nope, not yet… Mainstream CAM software manufacturers are be reticent to get into the Mac market because of its potentially very small user base - manufacturing is dominated by PC. I think the first one that does come up with a Mac solution - preferably with an easy-to-use interface aimed at small “artisan” manufacturing and a not-too-expensive price tag - will have a hit though…


There are CAM solutions on Mac, but I don’t know how they work together with Rhino, nor if they are good for a recommendation:

  1. Siemens PLM NX (Manufacturing) is working on 10.8.5 and 64Bit Systems. Price tag unknown.
    Also as Standalone CAM Express.
  2. Cenon CAM Price tag 980-3000€
  3. QCAD/CAM, the only solution with a price tag for “Makers”: around 100$ (QCAD Pro with CAM)
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Thank you. I’ve looked at QCAD/CAM but it’s 2D only and I will need 3D. The “artisan” level software Mitch mentions may be what I am looking for. I would like to find a 3D package that runs on Mac OS, integrates well into Rhino and offers the ability to use a 3D probe to map surfaces. I don’t need high production efficiency, I am looking for a design and prototyping tool. Hope some one will offer this soon, otherwise I do have a license for Windows Rhino and may go that route if necessary.

I see, so you will need to have 3 or at least 2.5 axis. Have you tried MeshCAM? This seems to be a very simple solution. All in one systems are hard to find and with a higher price tag (Autodesk Inventor with CAM Module). Autodesk Fusion 360 has also a CAM module, but I don’t understand this cloud based thing in every detail…

CAD on Mac is better than years ago, but if you’re looking for cheaper (“maker” or “artisan”) solutions it could be better to switch to Windows (Bootcamp will do this job fine).