CAM DeskProto in Rhino 5

I have two little problems concernig the integration from DeskProto 6.1 in Rhino 5.

Typing ‘DeskProto’ in Rhino 5 will open the earlier version DeskProto 6.0, althought I have installed DeskProto 6.1. Could I change the settings in Rhino?

Opening the Rhino file menu Print 3-D -> Delft Splines System DeskProto do not work, will say DeskProto will not start.


@dale, do you know about this?

The answer to the question

The DeskProto command does its best to find a copy of DeskProto on your system. I can only assume with the release of DeskProto 6.1 (Oct 2013) that the command just cannot figure out where it is. I’ve added this to our bug tracking system. Hopefully we can have this fixed for a future service release of Rhino.