Calling LayoutProperties with RedrawEnabled set to False

Hi All,
maybe @dale and @stevebaer are the ones to approach?

In a small plugin I’m working on at the moment I would like to change the layout (RhinoPageView) printer via script. As it doesn’t seem to be possible to do this fully scripted, I’m using the native “_LayoutProperties” command to access layout printer settings.
In RH5 I disabled Redraw before calling “_LayoutProperties” to prevent Rhino from switching to the layout view in the background…
In RH6 this still works as long as the layout wasn’t open before. As soon as it gets opened once, it will always be opened when calling “_LayoutProperties”.

To illustrate my point I sketched out a small script: (962 Bytes)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Let the script run in a new empty RH6 instance (a new layout will be created and the layout properties are being shown without actually switching to the layout)
  • If you let the script run a second time, it directly jumps to the properties, again without switching view
  • Now switch to the layout view by clicking on its tab and after it is loaded, switch back to TopView
  • Let the script do it’s thing once more. It will now switch to the layout view automatically before opening the Properties window

Is this behaviour intended? In my opinion it was more consistent in RH5.
And the way to use my Plugin was less distracting. I’d like to have that back :slight_smile:

Best, Romuald