Call VB script function from Python script

I have a script from VB programmer stored in .rvb file, that is preloaded in each Rhinoceros session, and would like to call from my Python script some functions defined in that file. Probably there is a guidance in a Rhinoceros Python doc or in the forum, but I still haven’t found any. Could you provide any link and/or other related information?

Thank you in advance, Dmitrey.

Hi @dmitrey15,

I know of no way to have Python call function written in VBScript. If the script is loaded into memory, then you have Python run the script subroutine by scripting the _-RunScript command using Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript.

import Rhino
Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript("_-RunScript MyVBScript", False)

– Dale

Thanks Dale,
can I add passing text/float parameters from Python to VB function?

Sorry, no.

– Dale

How about saving values to the sticky dictionary from python and retrieving them using VBScript?

@Dancergraham , sure - but this would require some rewrite of existing scripts. I was assuming this was just a general question about calling functions across scripting technologies.

– Dale