Call for Submissions - Screen Time

DisSubmissionRequirements.pdf (196.2 KB)

GBBN’s Design Issues Series (DIS) is a yearly, inter-office exhibit that digs into different design issues, from digital tools and prefabrication to perception and public space. This year’s effort, DIS: Screen Time , explores the presence of the screen: How do screens distort our understanding of space and scale? How do they shape our perception of our environment? How do they shape the environment itself?

This year, we’re extending an invitation to all of our creative acquaintances to crowdsource content that will use screens to experiment with distortions of scale.

How will it work? A submission template (attached as a PDF to this post) was released that invites anyone who is interested in participating to create a design that occupies a pre-determined, orthogonal (diamond-shaped) template. The design can involve anything, from hand-drawn images, photography, to gifs or video content.

Submissions, which will be collected until August 16th, will be displayed on GBBN’s Instagram feed as well as in a series of projection mapping installations in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Louisville that display the submissions at vastly different scales, ranging from room-sized surfaces to roughly 1’x1.5’, 3D cells.

Instructions on how you can participate are attached to this email as well as the template.

It would be awesome if you’d participate by creating images to share and/or by sharing our call for submissions in your network - here’s our Instagram call to action and a link to some examples hosted on Vimeo.

A few grasshopper specific examples have been loaded below:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via this post.