Call for materials-

Many of you are not aware that (our plug in warehouse) has a materials section.


wait, it get’s better…

You can upload your own materials to it, share them with the community AND keep them listed in your own account for use later. (to be clear they will also be public)

(material shader ball scene here: ) rdk_material_scene.3dm (3.7 MB)

think of this as a pseudo cloud repository for keeping your materials safe, so you can get to them anywhere you have web access…

have a pile of materials you like to use all the time, but are at a client site on a travel laptop and forgot to load them? If you had uploaded them to f4r you could get them as simply as going here:

Ideally we will get this hooked up inside of rhino so you can browse and upload/download right from within the materials tab, but we are not there yet. @andy (pretty please?)

for now, We’d like you to help us build a great library the whole community can share. ( Non copyrighted, freely shareable materials only please)

“But Kyle” you say," I have a ton of materials and I’m super lazy… uploading is too hard…"

I say, “Fine, you adorable muppet… send them to me at and I’ll do it for you.”
save them out as an rtml file from rhino and zip it.

I won’t resent you dumping work on me one bit… nope…no resentment…none…at all… I just will do my part to serve…ya know… for you…

Thanks and Happy Rhinoing!


here are some of the ones I’m working on. they will be PBR and should be uploaded in a few days.

>>edit, they are now uploaded<<


that would be a good addition for rhino users … it makes me want to try these pretty materials

wow, that is an amazing idea !

I did create a bunch of materials inside Keyshot using PBR style stuff, can Rhino PBR be saved the same way to upload?

Also … I do have an extra step to recreate the setting inside rhino or do I have a magic python script somewhere in the forum that could do it for me ?

Also Also … Rhino Online material library incoming V7 with Cycles anyone? please?

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I’m going to start uploading today!

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so the answers to both your questions are yes…with a caveat.

Yes you can use keyshot pbr (or ANY PBR) materials, BUT you will need to save them out in a format rhino can read which is a folder or .zip archive of the image files appropriately labeled for their slots. The go to rhino, create new PBR from textures option-

Regarding the online material library… this is kinda what I’m trying to build…once it gains some momentum, I’m going to beg at the altar of @andy and his team to integrate this into the material browser.

Will I get it in? Depends on how much help I get making noise from the community (remember we make this software for you…not for me…so the stuff YOU need gets the most attention…so if you like this idea, register your support!)

If it does not get fully integrated, the fallback position will be to just populate Food4rhino with as many cool materials we can all share as a community, and then get them with the traditional download route. Either way we will have online materials (and already do in a limited way).

reducing friction in getting them and sharing them is the next project.


thank you kyle
I will have fun with it to achieve some beautiful projects

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for my part, I admire this idea of ​​being able to look at a library of materials of all types, it gives a lot of ease and more … it allows new users to study the compositions and parameters of these materials, which will lead to significant learning not to mention the people who work on very large projects, and they don’t have time for this fight with the materials. if it will be integrated into rhino3d it’s even better … … I remember downloading mental ray material in the past. on 3ds max To use them in some projects. then this was translated into knowledge and learning in the matter. has force to see the composition and parameters of these materials

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I assume this is an Orange skin?
Looks cool!


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Kyle, you need to get out more…

we all do my friend… we all do… :wink:

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Ok, so I have a question:

I do have a bunch of materials I made by combining maps and configs in Keyshot, but getting just the files to import in rhino won’t be enough right? I will have to tweak the setting inside rhino as well… right ?

And for those materials I got from free materials libraries? Would I be allowed to share those ? Or would be safer to double check to see if there is anything said on the website itself (aka too much trouble to be worth it)?

In both cases you need to check if this condition is met

So yes, always check if you’re using material that you haven’t created 100% yourself.

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I would think that on general principles you would want to be aware of copywrite and sharability of any and all material you download, not only at the time of downloading but identified as such for all time on your storage device - perhaps by having unique directories for each category.

This may not be a serious consideration if you are certain that you will never share, either by uploading to another site or including in a piece of your work that you distribute to someone else, but if you participate in things like the Food4Rhino materials library I would think it would be important to keep track of over time.

I see, I always get materials from these free to share like and but I never worried about keeping track of the specific of each license.

I will for sure keep it from now on, and I will only share those that I made from start to finish (aka Boat Colors)

But wouldn’t be great to have a partnership of some kind with these free texture websites to easily implement those kind of stuff inside food4rhino? @theoutside :wink:

You can freely download materials from free pbr websites (like and make a pile somewhere on your desktop to use in your own works, BUT don’t upload those to F4R for obvious reasons.

Important info about F4R… Each material you upload is associated with your account. As well as being publicly shared.

This provides us with some accountability and an easy contact point if we do discover some content that is not allowed, in which case we will let you know, as well as take it down.

So you can upload at will… just remember your name is on it and if the feds come knocking, we just point them back to you. Have fun, make cool stuff, share cool stuff…just don’t steal cool stuff from others and pass it off as your own.

I have uploaded a couple of pages of new materials here: check em out![0]=im_field_unified_type%3A783&f[1]=im_field_term_reference_type%3A760

feel free to download and use!

If you make improvements, please upload it back to f4r with the changes you made in the comments and a revision number added to the name. That way as we as a collective make these materials better, we can filter out the old ones and continually add to and improve the library.

Once suggestion, jump into the rhino rendering resources that come with v7 and mix/match to create your own materials… These are totally legit and can be uploaded to F4R and shared freely.

for instance, I made several hex patterns from the exact same maps, with drastically different effects.

As always, have fun, go make great stuff!

RhinoMaterialBall.3dm (2.5 MB)

So, I tried to recreate the Rhino Material Ball for us (at least I will try to) standardize the screenshot for the Food 4 Rhino materials, since I feel that the preview is tiny. Also I am sure the original model is somewhere but I did not found it, probably lack of the right keywords.

I already started recreating some materials that were 100% me made to upload there, probably gonna do it during the weekend!