Calibrate daylight model: Grasshopper/Climate Studio

I’m trying to calibrate a daylighting model: I want to 1) measure illuminance values in a room, 2) model the room in Grasshopper, 3) simulate point-in-time illuminances in Climate Studio, 4) and use Galapagos to calibrate reflactance values of the surfaces. But I have a problem.
How can I make "LightingMaterial"s for Climate Studio’s "SceneLayer"s with number sliders as input for Vissible Light Reflectance? Right now I can only find the option of deconstructing LightingMaterial, not constructing it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Amalie -
For support with the ClimateStudio plug-in, please see this post:


Thanks for your fast reply! Unfortunately we don’t have a point of contact at my school. I have seen the getting started tutorials and the daylight webinar but that didn’t help me figure out how to make reflectance values a genome in Galapagos :slight_smile: