Calculation of a value from two dependent values according to the equation

Hi all,

I am a totally newbie so it might sound weird but i tried and couldnt find a direct answer about my problem. Here is what: lets say i have to values which are inverse dependents(like x*y=a). I actually wanted to use to sliders dynamicly so as one moves to the right another one should move to the left but as i learned that sliders dont get any information, instead they just send. So i thought maybe an evaluate item could help so i just gave it a value and connected to the x and left only x(deleted y) and as the equation wrote (x-1)*y=100 and expected to get from the right side y value(i know its funny :rofl: ). But of course i didnt work. And if i connect a y value it just says me if its true or false(e.g. x=11, y=10 so (x-1)*y=100 is true) but its kinda stupid for my inverse equation. I need to get the proper value when i give the other but dont know how can i make it.

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I don’t understand what you want exactly but maybe MetaHopper help you

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Hahah man that was absolutely what i was looking for. I couldnt even wonder that its so easy, many thanks :smiley:

But! :slight_smile: It works only when we take the variable from the equation like for “y”, instead of xy=z as z/x. Problem is when we have a much complicated equation and no chance to leave it, it doesnt work unfortunately. I tried yesterday to solve this: 100=nD+(n-1)*a , in this equation n and D values are my x and y inputs which are already given so calculation of z(in my case a) should work easily but i cant take z from the equation that why it couldnt calculate and show me the value of “a”.

Thanks! that looks interesting, i am gonna definitely have a look.

a = (100 - nD)/(n-1)

Looks like you need a refresher in remedial algebra. It’s not even clear if there are supposed to be parentheses in this statement? “100=n*D+(n-1)*a”

Like this: 100=(n*D)+((n-1)a) ? Or is it this? 100=((nD) + (n-1)) * a
(hyperbolic paraboloid)

Assuming it is as written…

  • 100 = n*D+(n-1)*a
  • 100 - (n*D) = (n-1)*a
  • (100 - (n*D)) / (n-1) = a

So… remedial_algebra2