Calculating Volume stalls Rhino


I have a brep ( from a polysurface provided by a client.)
When I calculate the volume with the Rhino command, after some waiting I get a volume.

However if I try to compute the Rhino.Geometry.VolumeMassProperties, Rhino stalls and becomes unresponsive forcing me to kill the process.

It’s a showstopper for my workflow so I’d like some advice on how to prevent the VMP calculation from stalling Rhino

Who can I PM to send the geometry?


Hi Willem,

You can send it to me and I’ll take a look.


For me the calculation does complete using your python script, but it takes a long time (~10 minutes maybe). The reason it takes longer to execute the python script is because the VolumeMassProperties calculates much more information than the Volume command.

I’m not familiar with typical run times for the VolumeMassProperties function so I don’t know how odd this case is. Have you tried increasing the tolerance value?


Hi David,

Thanks for testing, it’s indeed a long wait but it will finish in the end.

I have found meanwhile that shrinking the trimmed faces surfaces will greatly reduce calculation time.
I’m probably going to use that as a preparation for processing the breps.


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