Calculate the height of the walls and present it in the schedule

Rhino Inside Revit can extract the height of walls from Revit and then include it in the schedule within Revit. However, since walls are system families, they may not have a height parameter by default.

This is correct. So with grasshopper store a wall_height on a shared parameter and allow grasshopper to fill that in. Then the schedule in Revit can pick up in that.

The Unconnected Height parameter is available in the schedules, you can create your own Shared Parameter to schedule if need be.

I want to extract the height parameter of each wall in Revit and map it to the schedule in Revit, instead of manually inputting it in Grasshopper. Currently, the walls are system families, and the schedule does not have a height parameter.

The parameter doesn’t provide the specific height of each wall. What I want is the specific height of each wall, which can be provided to the factory for production.

There are a lot of things can alter the shape of a wall; attached to Roofs for example, or stepped foundation – just some of the variables that you will need to consider.

No, I’m treating it as a component now. We have many components with different heights and lengths, but in Rhino, I can generate a cuboid component with just one outline curve, which is very convenient. I want to use this approach to calculate the quantity and dimensions (length, width, height) of the structures. Currently, I can’t extract the height, and this has been bothering me for a long time.

I’m using this method to pick up objects in Rhino, generating them through the outline curve of a rectangle.I want the height parameter.

You can get the Height of anything in Rhino by its bounding box, here i cast the Z domain to a number.

Thank you, I understand your point now. If you have time, could you help me with the other questions I asked in the previous posts? I really appreciate it.