CageEdit: How to keep geometry simple and operation smoothly

Is there a way to not recalculate objects into very complex shapes, like a simply option?

Thank you a lot!

with all the UDT tools, if you transform the points of the object instead of the object itself, you can keep the objects simple.

BUT… this will not work on polysurfaces, because you don’t have points on a polysurface.

for instance, don’t bend a surface, bend the points of a surface… see below-

@theoutside thanks a lot for you getting into this and explaining the concept.

Understand. Maybe there would be a general setting for all these tools also offsets etc for retaining surface and edge typology/level and point count — I would fully accept inaccuracies for the sake of easy and superfast deformations. Especially in ideation phases.

Maybe the future of Rhino. In combination in way better designed SubD tools (but esp. Selections are terrible — compared to Modo, this is why some SubD softwares have so slow modelling pipelines and are tedious in direct SubD Modeling, so are the results and the adoption)