Cageedit Function Perceptual Art

Hello, I’m looking to create a perceptual art piece in Rhino, but I’m having difficulty distorting circles into a single perspective, similar to the image I found in a YouTube tutorial. Can someone please explain how to achieve this using the CageEdit function in Rhino?

HBD Perceptual Art.3dm (12.0 MB)

@HS_Kim , any inputs please!

Hello- this might do what you are looking for, not sure-

HBD Perceptual Art_maybe.3dm (7.2 MB) (2.9 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

Get the perimeter curves for all the cirlcles (DupBorder) , set up a view you like and set the CPlane (CPlane > View) and target plane in that cplane, then project the circles using the script .
In my file there is a named view that has the correct viewpoint and perspective angle to see both the original and the projections.

Thank you so much for the reply but the script doesnt do what I want to achieve, can you please go through the youtube video once, the result I want can be achieved by cageedit function of rhino only but I dont know how.

Anyone can help me please!

I don’t know why cageedit is relevant in this situation? If I were to do this I would determine the size of the circle wanted based on the image in a grid pattern. Then I would move the spheres towards the eye until the size of the sphere matches the circle on the image. I’d have to do some trigonometry or sensitivity testing to determine how far to the move the spheres and how much of the image they occlude. I really don’t understand how cageedit comes into this. It could all be done easily in grasshopper or I bet pascal’s script would do it smoothly (without looking at it).

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