Cage to Surfaces


I’ve edited objects in a cage, but now I want to create a solid from the extents of the cage. Duplicating curve, silhouette, etc don’t work on the cage object so I’m unsure about how to go about this.

I’ve attached the file for reference.

cage.3dm (101.5 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

bit of a fiddle but the only method i can provide. turn on the points and use ExtractPt on all selected points. after that use CurveThroughPt with only those points for one side, use option Control Point. as you see in the image the curves will get 100 % congruent. do that with all sides and use EdgeSrf for each side consisting out of 4 curves per side. join all surfaces together and voila. i attached the finished solid for you the cage is locked in the background.

cage.3dm (2.9 MB)


Great solution - thanks for showing me that process.

@RichardZ, @mehranjahedi - a more general & direct way is to use SrfControlPtGrid.


can you explain in short how to use this command,
also that the surfaces match up with the boundary curves?

Hi Richard - the command asks for point count and degree, then the point locations so, assuming degree 3 and 4 points, in the attached file, you snap to the points in order, one row at a time, and presto…

CageSrf.3dm (135.0 KB)


yes but in this case there are 2 different degrees, one direction can only be degree 1 while the other is degree 2 or 3… and one has to know that first or find out trying after counting the points. which involves some brain jogging. so not that direct i would say.

after a few times trying i still failed, now i tried again and managed because i used degree 3 instead of 2. i had given up before, because after 30 minutes clicking around, the surface i finally managed to produce once not twisted or tangled up did not close up properly. so thanks for the work out :thinking: