Cage: Is it possible to leave only the selected points visible?

Good morning,
I ask:

  • Is there any way or plugin, that I can select some editing points of “CAGE”, and leave only these visible and hide or hide the others, and then connect the hidden points that were not selected for editing?
    I use the command repeatedly, but the excess of points on the screen makes it difficult to see the result, where many times the place to be edited is in the middle of this tangle of points.

probably not exactly what you want but using namedselections you can save certain editting points under a saved state

Hello - if you do not want, for example the interior points in any direction you can specify that when creating the cage. To just hide them but have them, then HidePt/ShowPt is what you need.


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Is it possible to

  • hide/show a named selection set of points ?
  • swap the hidden points to invert the displayed set of points?

Rodolfo Santos

Hi Rodolfo - no, to both, so far - as far as I can see for the first item, in fact there is a bug there if you try.


Thank for the clarification, Pascal.

Rodolfo Santos

Just curious here - I’m wondering if perhaps your cage doesn’t need to be so dense? I use CageEdit a ton, and find that it’s most useful when you apply a fairly simple and low point count cage to complex geometry - this is where it really shines. With the way your Cage is setup, by definition you’re only affecting localized portions of your model - as the point editing will fall off by point count and degree. Just throwing it out there, but looks overly dense to my eyes at least.

For the process I usually use, the displacement must be almost surgical, precise, in the middle of the tangle of stitches.
For this reason, the need for a larger volume of points.
You see?!

Ah ok! So when you use CageEdit - you’re only changing a small portion inside?

What do you use Rhino for. What is your work?

I primarily do aerospace surfacing and use CageEdit to create deformed versions of wings that represent the in flight condition of the wings, since they deform with twist and deflection when in the air.