Cage editing SubD objects

I posted this question earlier, but since I did not get an answer, here it is again:

SubD object cannot be deformed with UDT tools like CageEdit, bend etc. Is this a temporary bug?
I remember I could use UDT on SubD objects earlier.
I hope this will become possible again


UDT’s work on subd now-

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Yes, I use it often now. Works great!

I always felt I was somehow working on a higher plane on thought when doing control point manipulation on a cage controlling a selection of control points on a Tspline model.

The few workmates who have seen me do it (mostly solidworks guys) have been close to brain melt down trying to understand what they are seeing.

Pretty sure I first saw it in one of your videos @theoutside dont do it often but super handy workflow when called on.

Great to hear we can do that in SubD.