Cage Edit - Source Closed contour to a Target closed contour

Hi all!!!

Exist anyway to make a Cage Edit transformation, where I can select the geometry to deform and show the source and the target closed contour, and the magic happen??? Thanks!

Hi Osvali - you’ll need to provide an image or a file… I can’t tell yet what you’d like to do.


Ok, I’ll try to explain … Working with modeling soles for footwear, constantly I need to change an entire project, all geometry from one form to another, and in most cases have to remodel the entire project, which the sometimes it takes days to redo. So I look for something where I show the geometry to be changed, the outline she is and then the new contour that she will have to adapt. In summary, we show the geometry to be changed, the original contour and the target contour, and from there the magic happens … I believe CageEdit’s been the hardest job, just can not find where I say "of where, to where, “” that way to this otherwise "without having to be pulling the points that fall not always where I need to really change. Attached is an example where the sole is modeled upon it is the original contour, and then the right is the new contour. I would like to do this automatically as explained above. Thanks in advance for aid.CageEdit_Transformation.3dm (6.5 MB)

The distance between the contours are 150mm in Y if you want to move to compare them.

Hi Osvali - you might want to take a look at the resources here:


Ok Pascal… I know this tools… but I want to do this with Rhinoceros. I
don´t want to do with plugins…

Any idea?


Hi maybe you want to see this video

Pedro Neves

Cool… where I can download / buy? Price?